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Create voice and text mini-programs (chatbots) in one place and publish them on all popular messengers or on your site in same time.

Fill ready-made forms, Forgot about programming!

It's easy and fun! 

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Why do you need a chatbot?

  • An effective and profitable alternative to websites and mobile applications. 
  • Robots can perform routine work for you and your employees 24/7 
  • Work in a friendly space - on messengers and web-sites
  • Robots are a global trend that captures countries 
  • Your competitors, friends, partners already use mini-programs.

Numbers tell the Truth

Chatbots from Alfa.Bot are used by thousands people around the globe


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You are in a Great crew!

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How mini-programs can be created with Alfabot?

Do you need a mini-website on messenger? Do you want to create a quest or other game for your audience? Need an assistant: personal or for clients support?

With ready-made Templates, you can easy fill simple form by yourself and get a website in messenger.

With Constructor you can create any custom chatbot: quest, game etc.

With Marketplace you can order a bot from skilled Botmakers.

Why people choose Alfa.Bot?


1. One account = all messengers and website
2. Reliability and safety
3. Speed
4. Official business verified with Facebook
5. Yandex Certified Agency
6. Constructor and Templates
7. All data in one place
8. Tech support
9. Manuals

Our achievements



Alfa.Bot signed a contract with Facebook



Alfa.Bot became one of the first Yandex-certified agencies to develop Skills for Alisa.


Quest-guide of Gorky Park

Alfa.Bot team made a gift for Minsk citizens and guests of our city. We've created a quest for Gorky Park area.